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Re: Arms into wings

At 03:41 PM 3/5/99 EST, it was written:
>In a message dated 3/5/99 12:14:22 PM, Patrick.Norton@state.me.us writes:
><< How can photographic evidence establish anything as a basal bird   
>characteristic? >>
>We have photos of gulls, eagles, flamingos, ducks, blackbirds, and ostriches
>engaged in "under the wing" sheltering activities.
>    It's not the photo that does it. It's the identified behavior in a wide
>range of species. Perhaps this can never "establish" the trait as basal, but
>it can make it extremely uncomfortable for anyone arguing that modern birds
>developed wing feather brooding recently and independently. As we pile on
>examples, such critics will have to say that convergent evolution happened
>separately in the great majority of modern species.

By a similar argument, a counterexample would disprove it?
The cowbird does not brood, being somewhat parasitic.