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Re: Arms into wings

--Original Message-- From: tsg94001@uconnvm.uconn.edu : Friday, March 05,
1999 03:59 PM

>John V. Jackson said:
>>Now the fly-swat theory has been shown to have been "never-existent",
>>is no justification for the "circuit and bumps" scenario.  Short hops into
>>the air do not escape a predator - they'll probably be waiting for you
>>you come back down!
>I meant that the "short, fluttering hops" would be useful for snatching
>insects out of the air with the jaws.  As an escape-from-a-predator
>mechanism it's about as useful as shouting "Behind you!" and bolting.

It's hard to find a convincing argument against the jumping and
jaw-snatching scenario - caracals jump (though unlike theropods, their arms
have a greater reach), and pterosaurs might have made useful quarry.  I
would put the toe-2 claw as the best argument against this.  (Bigger prey or