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Re: Arms into wings

In a message dated 3/5/99 7:59:20 PM EST, gderkits@lucent.com writes:

<< That is not a syllogism. If you're going to be such nitpickers, better
study your medieval logic more carefully. >>

Bah. From my Webster's unabridged:

"Syllogism: ... 2. deductive reasoning. ..."

According to this singularly simple definition, all that's needed for there to
be a syllogism is for there to be a deduction from a premise.

Strictly, however, a syllogism in logic requires a major premise and a minor
premise in which the major premise contains the predicate of the conclusion
and the minor premise contains the subject of the conclusion. I had in mind
the second definition of the term, the more general one, rather than the
strict (or "medieval") definition. Who needs medieval definitions in a
dinosaur discussion? Dinosaurs were essentially unknown during the Middle

You want nitpicking? I'm a professional editor. I'll pick nits until the cows
come home...