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Re: Marine reptiles

>How feasible would the predation of crocodilians such as _Machimosaurus_ and
>_Metriorhynchus_ etc upon (smallish) dinosaurs be? Maybe they could grab a
>dinosaur from the shore, drag it underwater and drown it before munching,
>like recent crocs.

I suppose you could hypothesise anything for extinct animals but the
evidence is always the rub. As far as I know there are no marine crocs with
dinosaur stomach contents but I seem to remember at least one found with
ammonite hooks found in its guts. These beasts were designed more for the
oen ocean and were mostly about 2 metres long, so even if they did take
dinosaurs, it woulr realy have to only the smallest. Unless there was pack
hunting and ... NO! STOP! this is just getting silly.

>I know they're pretty well adapted to being wholly marine but then again so
>are killer whales and they intentionally beach themselves to catch pinnipeds
>with no problems.

Again, there is no evidence they did this, and why would groups of small
dinosaurs collect on a beach anyway?

>Is there any evidence for marine crocs entering freshwater or at least river

Again, so far as I'm aware, no. They have een found in marine clays and

>Ps. come to mention it, what about pliosaurs doing the same thing?

Again, I don't know of any evidence for it.



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