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Re: Moroccan dinosaur teeth

\>I asked two days ago if the Moroccan dinosaur teeth offered in so many
>shops could be real. I thank you for your interesting (and friendly) answers.
>Now I'm convinced that the Carcharodontosaurus teeth are authentic (Since
>I own two of them. They're looking great!).
>But I still have a problem with the teeth of Spinosaurus spec. because I heard
>of a gigantic crocodilian (Sarcosuchus spec.) that lived beside Spinosaurus in
>the cretacous of northern africa. Is there someone who even knows the
>differences between the teeth of a Spinosaurus and Sarcosuchus?

I'ld check the archives because I think we thrashed this one out a couple of
years ago. 

Essentially, a large part of the problem is that very little has been done
on the teeth of Sarcosuchus to understand the difference between them and
Spinosaurus. From my experience though, if there are crocs in a deposit and
there are lots of isolated teeth, they most probably belong to the crocs.