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Re: Arms into wings

Tom Hopp wrote:

<By that I mean that I don't immediatley accept your concept that
there were other uses for feathers that predated brooding uses for
feathers -- why should there be?>

  Because it seems odd that barblets and such are required (or
feathers at all) when skin, elongate scales, sand, etc. were all
available for the purpose, and that developing a feature (like
feathers) for the purpose of brooding would have been, to say the
least, wasteful and unparsimonious. It suggests a different use that
was, again, exapted. Present appendages and environment were available
to the brooder than feathers (sandpits, mounds, mud, grottos or even
caves), and *Sinosauropteryx* and Archie do show that feathers and
feather-like structures existed before the first "known" brooder. We
may see a fossilized Sighetun brooder, but considering it's a lake,
it'd have to be a jacana or grebe corollary to nest [on the water]
(albeit a floating platform). The same goes for Solnhofen "Island" and
the Santana F.

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