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RE: T. rex

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        Subject:        T. rex

        I am certainly not a T. rex expert, but here's a thought. Lions will
        take a piece of dead meat if it's available, and hyenas will hunt
down prey if
        they can't scavenge. Therefore, T. rex may have been mostly a
hunter, or
        mostly a scavenger, but that doesn't mean it didn't hunt or scavenge
once in a
        while. T. rex would probably have taken dead meat, as well as it
would have hunted.

        Sara Burch


           I think it likely that an animal as large as an adult
Tyrannosaurus rex would probably be
        reluctant to pass up a free meal.  Not only lions, but most
predators will do this.  The
        bone of contention (pun unintended) is caused by the assertion that
T. rex was almost
        exclusively a scavenger.