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Cooling Trend

I`ve been wondering about a general cooling trend since the beginning of the
Mesozoic, which seem actually to have continued on into the Pleistocene.
This seems to be apparant when one looks at the general evidence.
1) Change in vegetation. Cycads in abundance to Gymnosperms to angiosperms.
2)Species evolving to larger sizes with time ie. Dinosaurs in general,
although smaller theropods may have been feathered, Pterosaurs, even mammals
after the Cretaceous.
3) Feathered birds appear to take over from smaller large winged pterosaurs.
4) Birds tend to shorten their tails.
Does all this somehow tie in together? And, ( I know, a long shot) , but...
could Man, and his knowledge of fire have started a greenhouse effect that
started a reversal of this trend through accumulation of CO2 as a greenhouse
effect agent?