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Re: Point of brooding is...

At 10:05 AM 3/6/99 -0500, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
>My understanding is that Tom Hopp is proposing that the evolution of wing
>feathers (remiges) was driven by the need to brood.  Clearly if this is the
>case (and I am highly skeptical that it is) it could not have been for heat
>transfer, as remiges cannot function in that way.  Many modern birds do use
>the remiges, though, to shade the young or protect them from rain

AND to hide them from potential predators.
[Hey, remember all those pictures of brooding birds, in which all that is
visible is the mother!!]

>- and I
>suppose it is possible that remiges used in this way could help retain heat
>around the young as they would restrict air movement, though I know of no
>research on this point.

I suspect that this may also be a contributory factor.

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