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Re: T. rex

At 19:02 -0500 5/3/1999, Sara Burch wrote:
>I am certainly not a T. rex expert, but here's a thought. Lions will certainly
>take a piece of dead meat if it's available, and hyenas will hunt down prey if
>they can't scavenge.

I think it has been shown recently that Hyenas are in fact adept hunters and
don't scavenge much more than Lions do.  It seems a lot of the 'Lion Kills'
that the Hyenas were thought to be scavenging are in fact Hyena kills that
the Lions have moved in on.

>T. rex would probably have taken dead meat, as well as it would have hunted.

Being the biggest thing with sharp pointy teeth around it could easily
have chased smaller predators away from their kills like Lions do today
whenever they can.  Lions do hunt very effectively though, and
any features of T.rex that make it a good scavenger (such as a good
sense of smell) would also help make it a good hunter.

I'd say it was a hunter that scavenged whenever it could - just
like all terrestrial hunters today.  Is there any predator that
*doesn't* scavenge when it can?

--- Derek

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