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Re: T. rex

Dinogeorge wrote:

>Just out of curiosity, what would be the >next< largest predator in the
Tyrannosaurus rex_ ecosystem? The one that _T. rex_ would presumably be
chasing away from a kill?<

The following dinosaurs are noted in the Dinosauria as coming from the
Montana Part of the Hell Creek Formation (contemporaries to T rex and
possible competitors for a piece of a kill):

1) Avisaurus archibaldi Brett-Surman and Paul 1985 A bird;
2) Mononykinae incertae sedis (Hutchinson and Chiappe, 1998) "The Montanan
mononykine". A theropod (probably a bird) closely related to, and of overall
similarity to, the Asian genus Mononykus;
3) Aublysodon mirandus = ?Stygivenator Theropod (a tooth taxon);
4) Aublysodon molnari = ?Stygivenator Theropod (aka, "The Jordan Theropod");
5) (?= Nanotyrannus lancensis Bakker et al., 1988) (= Albertosaurus
megagracilis Paul 1988);
6) Ricardoestesia gen. Currie, Rigby and Sloan 1990:117 Theropod (a
tooth/jaw taxon)
7) Ornithomimus sp. Theropod;
8) Ornithomimid indet. Theropod;
9) ?Chirostenotes sp. (=?Caenagnathus) A theropod closely related to the
Asian genus Oviraptor;
10) Troodon formosus Leidy 1856 Theropod;
11) Troodon indet. Theropod;
12) Dromaeosaurus sp. Theropod;
13) ?Velociraptor sp. Theropod;
14) Dromaeosaurid indet.#1 Theropod;
15) Dromaeosaurid indet. #2 Theropod;

I can envision quite a crowd around a carcass, actually.