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Re: [Re:paleontology (fwd)]

owner-dinosaur@usc.edu wrote:
> >Dear Sir,
> >
> >    My name is Amanda Guillory.  I am an eighth grade student at
> Fontainebleau
> >Junior High School in Mandeville, Louisiana.  My e-mail address is
> >cutipi25@aol.com.  I am doing a research project on the profession of
> >paleontology and I was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions.
> >Any information is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time and help. 
> >
> >1. What subjects did you take in school that may have influenced you to go
> >into your profession?
> I would also be interested in your answers ot these questions so if anyone who
> responded to the e-mail could send a copy to me I would be much apprieciative.
> Thankyou.
  I would also ask for a copy; this might prove to be interesting, if not 
useful. Thank you.


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