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Re: T. rex

Ok guys, lets have a show of hands of who has actually TALKED to Jack
about his scavanger theroy? Tom I'd bet, I have and I've emailed him a
few times also. I can see his point as well as the others. So, until we
get him on this list, lets can the hersay of what he's said, or thought
to have said, or interpeted to say...

Allan Edels wrote:
> Gustav, DinoGeorge, and Patrick (and the rest of the list):
>     If Jack Horner meant that _T. rex_ exhibited the same behaviors as
> hyenas are now known to have, I don't think anyone would disagree with him.
> But I've talked with Jack and heard and seen some of his comments.  He
> doesn't believe that _T. rex_ was an effective hunter - maybe it scared its
> prey to death, or as Jack has said more than once, maybe it tripped a
> _Triceratops_ and the fall killed it!  He means (or at least consistently
> seems to mean) that _T. rex_ did NOT hunt for its food or lie in wait for
> it.  The majority of predators ALSO scavenge.
>     George - your question, to which Patrick has supplied a list of answers,
> would lead one to infer that _T. rex_ out weighed and out-muscled its
> nearest predatory competitors by more than 2 to 1.

Yep, so what would bring down a hadrosaur, ceratopian other than a rex?