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RE: Cooling Trend

>Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 23:04:45 +0800
>From: "Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog" <rayancog@pacific.net.ph>
>To: dinosaur@usc.edu
>Subject: Re: Cooling Trend
>Message-ID: <>

>Larry Febo wrote:

>>I`ve been wondering about a general cooling trend since the beginning of
>>Mesozoic, which seem actually to have continued on into the Pleistocene.
>>This seems to be apparant when one looks at the general evidence.

>>3) Feathered birds appear to take over from smaller large winged

>I don't see the connection. Are you implying that birds had better
>insulation than pterosaurs, and so were better equipped to survive colder

I don`t think this was the only advantage, but I do think it certainly might
have been one that gave them an "edge".

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