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I'd be very inerested in finding sites like these too. For French and 
German mainly. Could you mail replies to this to me also...


> Hello all---
> Don't worry, there is something dinosaurian in this message (in other 
> words, its for a good purpose).  
> I have had the pleasure of trying to translate a few French papers and 
> it is very tedious.  I have been relying on a half-rate online French 
> dictionary where none of the words fits.  Anyway, can somebody point the 
> way to a good French-English dictionary online or not?  Plus, I heard on 
> NPR many moons ago about this one website that translates languages (I 
> believe in phrases and into and out of multiple languages) quite well; 
> can somebody send me the link (off-line preferably)?  
> -------------
> Any recent news on the 'feathered' therizinosaur?  
> Matt Troutman 
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