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Re: Denver Museum T.rex

At 09:43 PM 3/7/99 -0600, Joe Daniel wrote:
>I will be visiting the Denver Museum of Natural History next week. I
>know there are a few things wrong about the T. rex mount, but don't
>remember what precisely. Could someone give me an overview of things I
>should be wary of or take note about the mounts in the museum?

The _T. rex_ suffers from the classic 'wrong-leg' syndrome (it is a cast of
the AMNH 5027 mount, which didn't have legs of its own, so Osborn et al.
stuck the legs of the more robust type specimen on it).  On top of that, the
feet are incorrect (non-arctometatarsalian), due again to Osborn's AMNH
mount.  The tail has too many caudals, and the chevrons are modelled after
allosaurids rather than tyrannosaurids.  However, all these were do to the
original mount at AMNH (of which it is a cast).

The mounts in the Denver Museum (both in the Walk through Time and the
plesiosaurs swimming along above the ticket counter) are superb.  Take as
much note of them as you want!!  The best _Stegosaurus_ out there; there
first _Allosaurus_ mounted with a furcula; the _Edmontosaurus_ with a bite
mark (unfortunately, because the damage is mostly on top and on the right
side, you can't see the details from the normal viewing point), etc.

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