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You can visit Paul Serino's web site and learn about
the 1997 dinosaur discovery, Suchomimos. This
animal was an enormous predatory dinosaur with a
skull like a crocodile's and foot-long thumb claws was
found in the Sahara. At this web site you can see
recreations of this 36 foot long animal and learn more
about its discovery. 

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news1n.html 
to learn more. 

Would you actually like to see the 100 million year old
Suchomimus in person? The skeleton of this recently
discovered species of dinosaur ? measuring an
impressive 36 feet in length and 12 feet high ?is on
displayed in the Great Hall of Chicago Children's
Museum.   You can also visit the web site of the
Chicago Children's Museum to learn more about
this exhibit.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news2n.html 
to learn more. 

At National Geographic's Dinorama you can explore
the most complete spinosaur skeleton ever found. The
100-million-year-old creature, Suchomimus tenerensis,
was about 36 feet (11 meters) long.Veteran dinosaur
artists Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas of the Dinosaur
Museum  crafted a 6-foot (2-meter) scale model of
what this creature looked like in the flesh which you
can view at this web site and watch its construction via
a Real Audio video.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news3n.html 
to learn more.

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