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Andrews (1921) Annual Magazine of Natural History

        Can anyone tell me where can I get a copy of the Andrews' paper on

The ref. is:
Andrews, C.W. (1921). On some remains of a theropodous dinosaur from the
Lower Lias of Barrow-on-Soar. Annual Magazine of Natural History 9(8):

        Who should I contact to get the volume of the "Annual Magazine of 
History"? Was it an American Natural History Museum publication???

        I exchange a copy of Andrews paper by any other Portuguese paper
(including the Lapparent & Zbysewsky (1957) where is described the
Brachiosaurus atalaiensis, "Apatosaurus" alenquerensis, Astrodon pusillus,
Lusitanosaurus liasicus, among others).

        Thanking in advance,

        Octávio Mateus

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