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Heavy Teeth??

Just saw the Discovery Channel show ..."Creatures of the Skies; When
Dinosaurs Ruled". Heard Phil Currie`s explanation of how Sauropod teeth were
simple and peglike, and that weight might have been a factor in their
design. Being that the sauropod head was attached to so long a neck, weight
saving a the head end would be a priority. I suppose that batteries of
ornithischian type teeth would be a bit heavier than what sauropods would
have evolved, but ....how much heavier when compared with that multi-ton
neck it already was strapped with? I mean really!....how much would it
matter to have some extra teeth? That explaination is also used in the case
for birds loosing teeth as they evolved toward more modern forms.I also find
that hard to follow.

Also noticed that the "Sinoris" they were comparing to Archaeopteryx looked
a lot like Sinornis!.....(Oh, it`s so easy to critisize!    8^).