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Re: Heavy Teeth??

At 10:08 -0500 9/3/99, Larry Febo wrote:

>Just saw the Discovery Channel show ..."Creatures of the Skies; When
>Dinosaurs Ruled". Heard Phil Currie`s explanation of how Sauropod teeth were
>simple and peglike, and that weight might have been a factor in their
>design. Being that the sauropod head was attached to so long a neck, weight
>saving a the head end would be a priority. I suppose that batteries of
>ornithischian type teeth would be a bit heavier than what sauropods would
>have evolved, but ....how much heavier when compared with that multi-ton
>neck it already was strapped with? I mean really!....how much would it
>matter to have some extra teeth? That explaination is also used in the case
>for birds loosing teeth as they evolved toward more modern forms.I also find
>that hard to follow.

Teeth sure don't seem to have hurt the pterosaurs any, eh?  Unless, er,
maybe that's part of the reason for their replacement by birds.

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