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Re: Heavy Teeth??

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From: Ralph W. Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
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Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: Heavy Teeth??

>> (Oh, it`s so easy to critisize!    8^).
>Whatsamatter, no spell check?  ("criticize," Larry)!    8<#

Yeah! Howdja gues?

>As I see it, and as a certain Dr. Bakker would say, the sauropods were
>processing their food 20 feet or so further aft of the teeth.  The teeth
>just for "raking" or "cropping" leaves (in the case of diplodocids and
>camarasaurids respectively);
(yada, yada , snipped)

So the teeth were adapted to their function, which only required a few
peglike projections at the front of the jaws.

So what about the birds? Probably the beak was then evolved to suit the diet
also? Seems ideal for capturing insects, and small stuff. Maybe some early
birds found it easier to feed on stuff they didn`t have to battle into
submission, hence they didn`t need the teeth (or claws). Maybe the toothed
variety, (if they existed into the late Cretaceous but just haven`t been
found yet), maybe they "bought it " with the meteor strike at the K-T,
again, whose destruction seemed to favor small insectivorous forms?
Maybe, maybe....maybe.