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Re: Museology

In a message dated 99-03-09 13:31:52 EST, you write:

 The AMNH halls are well-lit and well-arranged if you are a cladist
 in synapomorphies of dry bones. I agree that they improve on the 1920's
 museums. I do like them, but they don't do much to show the relationships of
 the animals to their environment. Look at where the kids go. >>

  Me, a "cladist" ? I know it's heresy here, but I gave up on that stuff when
I could no longer read the cladograms on slides at SVP. Another heresy: I
don't CARE where kids go in a museum. If you have to provide them with all
that "hands on" crap why don't you just give them a grape or piece of banana
when they stay quiet for about a minute or so staring at some boring old bones
that could really tell them something? I spent a lot of my youth really
enjoying myself in museums without having to bang away at something. 
  Animals and their environment would be great, but in paleo that's not always
so clear-cut. Note the discussion on seaway environment during the last few
days. Dan "That Hateful Old Man"Varner.