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Re: Museology

> What would the ideal early 21rst Century dinosaur hall look like at a
> museum?

> That is, what do you, the interested public, want to see in future
> exhibits?

We're talking $$$ (something that most museums don't have in abundance),
but the following  is what I'd  like to see.

I hope that 3D holographic displays become common-place in the 21st
Century. I don't want such displays to dominate the museum experience,
but I believe they could be an asset to public education.

Or, how about "virtual dioramas", utilizing personal headset screens,
could allow a visitor to sit down on a fallen metasequoia log and watch
an Edmontosaurus fall to the jaws of a T. rex, then get dismembered and
stripped of flesh, then get scavenged by other animals, and finally get
buried by a flooding river.

No matter how museums decide to change in the 21st Century, there still
must exist an emphasis on skeletal material.  And there should be at
least one real bone on display for the public to touch.  The sense of
touch is currently vastly under-emphasized by museum display planners.
All it may take to create a future paleontologist is that visceral
feeling one gets from touching a piece of the living-past.

What I don't like are taxa from different geologic periods all jumbled
together in one display.
And I don't  like poorly-lighted museums!  Museums are not funeral