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Re: Field opportunities?

In a message dated 99-03-09 22:30:40 EST, you write:

 Does anyone know of any good field opportunities this summer in the way of
 dino digs?  Those offering academic credit would be ideal, but would like to
 know of any others as well.  Would appreciate those who will keep my request
 in mind as the weeks pass.  :)  Thanks in advance. 
Melissa D. Fox
  Dear Melissa, If you have access to the DML archieves, I posted a letter
about classes on Feb 10,1999 called Field Paleo Info (Long). The Museum of
Geology at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City
offers a variety of field classes for credit. There are several dinosaur digs
as well as the finest marine reptile investigations on the planet. I may be
biased, but hunting mosasaurs with Gorden Bell is about as good as it gets!
The basic cost is $400 for a two-week session-more if you desire credit. To
request information, call: 1-800-544-8162 extension 2467.