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RE: museology

I was born in Philadelphia and visit often. I'm familiar with both the new
and the old ANSP. I was really glad when they renovated. I especially 
like the raptor pack attack.
I tend to agree with the comments below except to
say that the ANSP is cramped. The AMNH has the huge bones well
displayed in bright rooms. It does cladistics well but ignores ecology.
The ANSP does better on the ecology but I can't remember cladistics.

There are various, equally-valid viewpoints of dinosaur paleontology:
        (Your favorite addition)
The "ideal" museum would present a balanced view of all these.
The ideal museum should be able to teach the general public,
and hopefully use the "star quality" of dinosaurs to bring people
to an interest in natural science, evolution, and environmental 
issues, not just please dinosaur cognoscenti.
G. Derkits
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> I know this is pretty shameless, but I can't help myself. Those of you who
> have a museum "home" will relate. :) 
> I know many of you visited our remade dino hall at the Academy of Natural
> Sciences, Philadelphia during Dinofest. Oddly enough, our hall seems to
> include many of the items you guys would like to see in a museum. We have
> a
> mock dig for the kiddies, casts to touch, buttons on every mount that are
> hooked up to a speaker that say the dinosaur's name and an honest to
> goodness paleo lab. We also have a "blue screen" room that projects you
> into
> a movie with dinosaurs.
> We have a "walk though time" Bob Walters mural accented with fossils and
> ambient sound effects.
> I do think the paleo lab is one of our best features. Unlike other labs
> I've
> seen, we're staffed all the time, every day. You can walk up and chat with
> us face to face anytime, with no microphones or scheduled performances.
> Just
> real preparators doing real work. We are developing some real talents,
> too,
> and I'm sure you'll be seeing good things from us in the near future.
> I know we don't have as much money, space or the popularity of AMNH, but I
> *do* like our hall better. I don't like the blinding white marble, the
> coldness and the robotic-like tours at AMNH. I love the dizzying array of
> fossils, don't get me wrong! I'm very jealous, and it is a great museum.
> (I
> want an Ankylosaur! *pout*) The atmosphere at ANSP invites you to stay,
> relax, think and ask questions to a huge staff of volunteers (we don't
> give
> "tours"). Kids don't stuff themselves in front of a damned kiosk- they
> interact with *us*. ANSP is like the friendly local shop compared to
> Wal-mart. We may not have the selection, but he have the service.
> If you have visited us, I'd be interested to hear your comments on our
> hall,
> good and bad. 
> (Now, if only we could get a bit more light in the hall...)
> -Sherry Michael
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