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Re: Museology

> I
>don't CARE where kids go in a museum. If you have to provide them with all
>that "hands on" crap why don't you just give them a grape or piece of banana
>when they stay quiet for about a minute or so staring at some boring old
>that could really tell them something? I spent a lot of my youth really
>enjoying myself in museums without having to bang away at something. 

I strongly disagree with this statement.  If you can provide some inter-
active displays, they tend to get a lot more out of it.  I do volunteer
work at a local museum that focusses on interaction with kids.  Almost
all displays are hands-on.  We have a paleo lab that is mostly hands-off,
but do have someone occasionally to help kids make casts or other similar
projects.  It may not work at every museum, but it is worth doing and 
provides the kids with something they are more likely to remember.