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RE: Cooling Trend

You said:

>On another note, remember when Mt. Pinatubo (spelling?) erupted? all that
>volcanic ash high in the atmosphere resulted in a marked cooling of the
>earth.  I'm not a geologist but it seems logical that periods of prolonged
>volcanic activity might have contributed to global cooling trends, which
>coupled with a comet strike, would have been enough to have an adverse
>effect on climate thereby contributing to mass extinctions.

You got the spelling right! That was *our* volcano.

Geologists have pointed to the Late Cretaceous Deccan Plateau eruption of
western India as a possible contributor to the global cooling of the end of
that period, but many agree that it wan't the agent of the extinctions as
it wasn't exactly a terminal event, being a few million years younger than
the K-T boundary.