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Re: Museology II

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> Any additional thoughts on themes, particular taxa to be shown, displays,
> technology, etc?

I'd love to see some of the better-known recently found taxa displayed
more widely:  _Sinraptor_, _Amargasaurus_, _Majungatholus_, _Utahraptor_,
more complete _Oviraptor_, _Gastonia_, _Baryonyx_, the skull (at least) of
_Giganotosaurus_, _Sinornithoides_, the _Monolophosaurus_ skull, new
material of pachycephalosaurs and titanosaurs (and, of course, any others
I'm forgetting!)

I'm also very much in favor of arranging the animals in the ecosystems of
which they were a part.  It gives so much of a better impression of how
they _lived_ (in addition to combatting misinformation in many children's
books, like scenes showing _Tyrannosaurus_ fighting _Stegosaurus_).  I'd
also like to see more ecosystems represented than just the "traditional"
western NAmerican ones:  new material from Texas, Argentina, the J of
China, England, Madagascar, North Africa.

My 20 mils.

-Nick P