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RE: Museology

Hence the accompanying full-size life restoration.  I'd argue that the
average museum goer also cannot look at a skeleton and truly see the
real animal.  Of course, life restorations are partly conjectural, but
still ...  A scale model of the articulated skeleton could accompany
for sake of the walking bag'o'bones diehards.

[Jeffrey Martz]  

        In other words, "focus attention on the conjectural and periferalize 
the known".  A museum goer looking at a life restoration of an extinct animal 
is NOT looking at "the real animal", its looking at an artists interpretation 
of what the animal MAY have looked something like when alive.  Skeletal mounts 
may only show what the skeleton looked like, but they probably do it more 
accurately then a life restoration does at showing what the whole living animal 
really looked like.  Anyway, us "walking bag'o'bones diehards" can't see all 
those unflashy yet relevant little anatomical details in a scale model.  Better 
to have a like size skeletal mount and a scale model life restoration; it will 
probably get out of date a little less quickly.

LN Jeff