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Re: Museology

Jeffrey Martz wrote:

>       Giving the laregly conjectural artistic interpretation of the animal
> the front seat to the evidence it is based on is exactly what you are
> advocating.  There is still going to be a great deal more interpretation and
> subjectivity involved with a restoration then with showing the actual fossil
> bones.  Look at Greg Paul, Mark Hallet, James Gurney, Brian Franzak, and
> Doug Henderson's Tyrannosaurus rex restorations.  All are cutting edge, all
> are plausible and give a sense of how the living animal MAY have looked, but
> they all look different.  

Actually, I take exception to this last remark. While the details
(coloration, ornamentation, etc.) will vary from illustration to
illustration, the morphology of the animal (the important issue) does
not; there is consensus about the animal's life appearance (horizontal
stance, positioning of legs beneath the body, etc.). 

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)