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    Dr. Peter M. Kranz (a geologist-paleontologist who received his Ph.D.
from the University of Chicago) at  dinosaurfund@juno.com   has asked me to
tell this list that e-mail notes or letters of encouragement for adoption of
Maryland House Bill 342 and Senate Bill 433 supporting funding for creation
of a 'dinosaur park' in Maryland be sent to him at the above-given e-mail
address(apparently to be shown at the hearings as evidence of interest).
(He said initial funding of $250,000 is sought.)

    Kranz did not make clear to me just of what the projected dinosaur park
might consist, but I have been told it would be in the area of Muirkirk,
Maryland, and involve some means of interesting children in paleontology
and, presumably science in general, by their involvement in or near an
Arundel clay site (probably Aptian) that has provided some important dental
and skeletal material (dinosaurs,  turtle, and other) over the years.  If
the dinosaur park becomes a reality, I should hope that Dr. Peter Kranz (who
pioneered this idea and has promoted it from the beginning) would have the
scientific directorship of the park if he should wish it.

    Hearings on the proposed bill will be held, and interested persons may
attend or even offer their input, I am told.  Hearings are on March 17, at
1:00 P.M., and March 19, at 3:00 P.M.

    Kranz also asked me to encourage e-mail letters to dinosaurfund@juno.com
in support for another funding bill that would finance (at least in part)
the building of a 'dinosaur hall' at the extant Maryland Science Center
(located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area).  I'm sorry, but Kranz could not
recall the house and senate bill numbers on this when we spoke last evening.

    The latter effort (for a Maryland Science Center dinosaur hall) is one
on which I can un-reservedly encourage support.  Come to think of it, I
think it would be nice if this list's esteemed Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.,
could have some major part in this, IF he should be interested and the
dinosaur hall becomes a reality -- but I surely don't want to try to speak
for Tom, and don't even know what he thinks about this matter.  I just say,
"Why import talent, when you've got such super talent locally?"

    Because of the large volume of visitors to the Maryland Science Center
(and this would undoubtedly increase attendance), there is the potential
that the dinosaur hall might (especially if well-done) act as a catalyst in
drawing young people into a serious interest in our natural history and,
hopefully, science in a more general way.

    I'm not sure whether non-Maryland residents' e-mails would be useful,
but if you like either idea, please go ahead and encourage either or both.
Surely the legislature cannot be entirely dis-interested in what outsiders
think about what Maryland could have to attract even out-of-staters, of all

    So, this is your chance to let your voice be heard, if it interests or
matters to you.

    Ray Stanford