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At 21:33 -0500 10/3/99, RAY D STANFORD wrote:

>    Dr. Peter M. Kranz (a geologist-paleontologist who received his Ph.D.
>from the University of Chicago) at  dinosaurfund@juno.com   has asked me to
>tell this list that e-mail notes or letters of encouragement for adoption of
>Maryland House Bill 342 and Senate Bill 433 supporting funding for creation
>of a 'dinosaur park' in Maryland.
>    Hearings on the proposed bill will be held, and interested persons may
>attend or even offer their input, I am told.  Hearings are on March 17, at
>1:00 P.M., and March 19, at 3:00 P.M.
>    The latter effort (for a Maryland Science Center dinosaur hall) is one
>on which I can un-reservedly encourage support.  Come to think of it, I
>think it would be nice if this list's esteemed Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.,
>could have some major part in this, IF he should be interested and the
>dinosaur hall becomes a reality -- but I surely don't want to try to speak
>for Tom, and don't even know what he thinks about this matter.  I just say,
>"Why import talent, when you've got such super talent locally?"

Mightn't Tom's question about "what do you want in a paleo exhibit" be
related to this, possibly as a presentation?

Just putting two and two together over here....

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