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Re: Museology II

Zenlizard wants lots of diverse taxa on display, Betty had too many
great comments to list, various other people had good ideas too,
regarding various unmounted displays, skeletal mounts, life
reconstructions, in situ (contemporary to us or to the K animals)
displays, and everything in between.  Given that lots of dinos are
really huge and museums have limited space and budgets, it sounds as
if computer-based catalogues (with full illustrations, of course)
might be a good way to get around the limitations of display space. 
Given enough disc space and a good server, a museum could list
its entire collection, provide various means of searching the
catalogue, add lots of commentary and extrapolations and all sorts of
illustrations.  They could even have a feedback arrangement, whereby
visitors could request public display of things not normally on
display, with a special section of the museum devoted to these
Special Request temporary displays.  (There could even be e-mail
notification to the requestors telling them when their favourites were
due to go on display.)  Personally I want to see 3-D rotating
zoom-able images of all dino bones, with option to view in stages of
preparation, articulated in situ and in vivo (the latter with and
without muscle and other tissues), and at least 3 or 4 different
artists' views of the living animal, and all of it available on the
museum premises or over the WWWeb.

(I wonder if anyone will be able to tell that my city has no big-time
paleo museum, and no dino hall at all, sigh)