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Re: Museology II -Reply

>>> "Pat Grant (Library: Serials Catalog" <PATG@vax2.concordia.ca>
03/11/99 12:07pm >>>
Personally I want to see 3-D rotating
zoom-able images of all dino bones, with option to view in stages of
preparation, articulated in situ and in vivo (the latter with and
without muscle and other tissues), and at least 3 or 4 different
artists' views of the living animal, and all of it available on the
museum premises or over the WWWeb.


Working on it....

The first scanned bones of Triceratops are coming in and they are
wonderful and we should have a whole reconstruction well on the way
within a few weeks. I've been playing with the right humerus and it is
astoundingly good. The lower jaw is complete but I haven't seen it
yet. We have some 10% scale (approx.) prototypes to look at and will
be mirror imaging this one to make a better left one by prototyping it
at real size.

It's pretty exciting really to see it all come together.

Ralph Chapman, NMNH