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R: Megalosaurus the biggest?

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Da: T Hammann <THammann@t-online.de>
A: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Data: giovedì 11 marzo 1999 20.21
Oggetto: Megalosaurus the biggest?

>Hi all, I saw a documentary in the German television about the biggest
meat->eating  dinosaurs ever lived on earth. I knew the discussion about
>_Giganotosaurus carolinii_, _Carcharodontosaurus saharicus_ and
>_Tyrannosaurus rex_ well before
>but Bob Bakker introduced a new challenger into this competition:
>spec._ (I think because of the length of a single leg-bone). What do you
>of this theory?

Sorry, but what's the Megalosaurus's species in which there is preserved a
leg bone?
If I remember correctly (based on "The Dinosauria") the species of
Megalosaurus is largely known from:
Megalosaurus bucklandii, right dentary,
Megalosaurus cloanicus-Megalosaurus dunkeri-Megalosaurus ingens-
Megalosaurus obtusus- Megalosaurus lonzeensis, all from teeth;
Megalosaurus hesperis, from right premaxilla and maxilla, the vomer, both
the dentary and a surrangolar;
Megalosaurus cambriensis; from a left dentary.
I don't see a leg bone.

By and sorry for the english
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