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Re: Museology II

In a message dated 3/10/99 9:33:06 AM Eastern Standard Time,
th81@umail.umd.edu writes:

<<  Any additional thoughts on themes, particular taxa to be shown, displays,
 technology, etc? >>

Taxa, eh? Well, I'll have to agree with you on the titanosaur element. As far
as sauropodomorphs go, I've already mentioned the paucity of prosauropods on
display. Hmmm, what is known of Haplocanthosaurus? Is there enough to make it
a hall centerpiece? If not, there's always Camarasaurus, which is also rarely
seen in a complete mount of an adult despite the very good material, and the
Haplocanthosaurus could be off to the side. Also, some small non-dromaeosaur
coelurosaurs, something along the lines of Coelurus (isn't there some new
material of that guy anyway?). Maybe some non-Allosaurus carnosaurs as well,
or other carnosaur-like large carnivorous theropods...Torvosaurus? Oh, and a
Chasmosaurus mariscalensis, Santa. 

-Christian Kammerer