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Museum Displays

        On the subject of great displays, I really enjoyed the La Brea
tarpits Page Museum in Los Angeles over Thanksgiving break. They have 
a really neat saber tooth tiger holographic display. The image consists
of two overlays that slowly fade in and out of the same space.
 One image shows the skeletal structure while the other is the
"filled out" image of the cat. I particularly enjoyed this as it provided
an not often seen view of muscle/skeletal relationships.  

        As a studying geologist, I found the new mineral exhibit at the
NMNH to be refreshingly advanced. If any of you list members visit the
Smithsonian NMNH in D.C.  WOW! This is a display of incredible detail,
even a little overstimulation, but the samples are spectacular.

Chad Laibly
University of Iowa
B.S. Geology