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Re: Museology

Jeffrey Martz wrote:

>        Well, a paleontologist shouldn't have to worry about their theories 
> being automatically comprehensible to lay public without the background, just 
> as long as THEY understand them.  The building of science by people with an 
> expansive technical background and trying to translate it to the lay public 
> are two separate issues, although the latter is certainly important.

Funny, I always felt that it was the job of the paleolife artist to
translate the science to the lay public, by distilling down the work of
the paleontologist into a simple,
easy-to-comprehend-without-an-expansive-technical-background piece of
artwork (either two- or three-dimensional).

And from my point of view, a piece of paleolife art is no worse
conjecturally than some of the ideas about behavior I've heard espoused
by paleontologists.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)