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Re: Museology II

Weighing in with my want list in terms of museums......

Comprehensive Interpretive Centers devoted (individually) to:   Morrison
Formation; Western Interior Seaway; Judith River Formation; Triassic of Az-NM-
Tx-Nv; Hell Creek/Lance; etc etc. (and not stopping at the Mesozoic:   Permian
of Tx-Ok-NM, the Cleveland Shale, lots of Tertiary, yet more etcs).

One side of each hall resurrects the regions past:  plants, dioramas,
recreations of the fauna (vertebrate and invert, alike).  The other side
depicts the present geology with mounts of all of the fauna (including free-
mounts, bonebeds, disarticulated exposures).  The wide central aisle
punctuated by loads of focus displays detailing how science ferrets
information from specimens employing all the tricks of the modern museum
exhibit department (microscopes, self-activated videos, preparation stations,