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RE: Museum Schizophrenia

I don't think computers will replace skeletons. I do think that computer
hardware and software are getting cheaper and offer the ability to
do the following things well:
        1. create interactive exhibits in which users can test
models of behavior against the laws of nature. e.g. let a T.Rex
simulation run at 40 mph, trip over a rock, see which bones break.
Agent-based models in the social sciences can model whole
populations. etc.
        2. reconfigure museum exhibits to consider newer scientific 
theories and allow the models to pit one theory against another
in front of the user.
        3. provide 3-d information, put flesh on the bones
and feathers on the theropods.

As an aside, software almost always outlasts hardware.
The Y2K problem is due to decisions embedded in 
software 40 years ago and propagated through 15 generations
of hardware. The ultimate example is genetic information.
We have genes which are close to identical to those
found in yeasts, preserved over 10^9 years, but we only last 10^2 years.
G. Derkits
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> My bad
> when you mentioned 'hardware' I put in [computer] in front of it....
> still, 50 years duration for a physical item still outlasts any software
> or hardware >computer< system yet and those things aren't cheap to
> upgrade or replace either.  Can't think of a system that has not been
> upgraded within 2 years.  Or do you plan on exhibits not changing as
> frequently as 2 years?  Conversly can a museum afford to upgrade that
> frequently?
> -Betty
> "Derkits, Gustav E, JR (Gus)" wrote:
> > Apparently I wasn't clear.
> > I mean that the software can be changed on a yearly basis,
> > rather than waiting 50 years to move skeletons around.
> > G. Derkits
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