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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming
concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution, from
high art to low trash and (hopefully) back agian, all times Eastern
(check local listings to confirm):

Thursday, March 18

TNT, 1:00pm
The Valley of Gwangi
Watch as a piece of clay sculpted by Ray Harryhausen outacts James
Franciscus.  Cowboys and dinosaurs.  Fun.

And that is all folks.  Since you won't be glued to your teevee sets,
check out the new Scientific American with its article on the Ora. 
They got big to hunt the pygmy elephant _Stegodon_, you know. (Titter.)

The third was asked which animal was the smartest of all, and the Brahmin 
replied: "The one we have not found yet."
---From Plutarch's biography of Alexander the Great


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