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Biggest Predators

Message from Thomas Hammann

Hi all,

First of all please excuse my English. (I'm still learning...)
I wrote a few days ago about a German TV-documentary that asked the question: 
Which theropod was the biggest? The three competitors Giganotosaurus, 
Carcharodontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex were about the sime size - Surely you 
know this discussion better than I do (I think that there are too little 
of Bakker's "candidate" - a Megalosaurid with the nickname "Big Ed"). But are 
they really the biggest predators ever lived on land? I think that that the 
crocodilian Purussaurus was about the same size (I heard of 15-16 metres TL) 
that a complete Deinocheirus would be much bigger than any other theropod.
(In the case of marine animals it is easier I think: the recent sperm-whale 
followed by Carcharocles megalodon, Kronosaurus and Mosasaurus maximus)

Greetings from Germany,