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Re: Prep Lab Breakthroughs

In a message dated 99-03-13 17:29:39 EST, you write:

<< superglue
 (and other cyroacrylics)
 "Roger A. Stephenson" wrote:
 > Of those willing to express opinions, what are the biggest breakthroughs in
 > dinosaur preparation laboratories over the past 30 years? >>

  For years now, professional museum preparators have been >begging< people
NOT to use cyanoacrylates (sorry for spelling) especially when used with
"accelerators" that can actually fracture and explode fossil bone. DO NOT use
super glue! Something like butvar is much more fossil friendly. Even better,
if you don't know what the hell you are doing, contact someone who does: a
museum preparator or attend a prep session at SVP before you ruin a specimen.
Sound good? You bet! Do it now! Dan Varner.