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Fwd: Superglue +'s and -'s

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In a message dated 99-03-13 19:16:30 EST, you write:

         If you are simply stating that superglues are not the "be all, end
 all" of fossil prep, then I agree wholeheartedly:  other things work better
 than cyanoacrylates in many situations.  However, they most certainly _do_
 have their uses and, with a little practice, are a valuble part of a
 preparator's tool kit.

  Like I said, ask the folks who know or attend a prep session at SVP. Find
out what the pros and cons are from the experts. I am sure reseach has been
done on this topic. I don't pretend to be an expert, but at least I know how
to spell it...Again I encourage all interested to attend the SVP preparator
sessions where you can get the straight poop on this. Dan Varner.

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