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Re: Biggest Predators

Mike Keesey wrote:

>_G._ and _C._ are carcharodontosaurids. There is a minority opinion that
>carcharodontosaurids are related to abelisaurids, but most consider them
>allosauroids, fairly distant from abelisaurs.

Maybe, maybe. It do think carcharodontosaurids are allosauroids. However,
the phylogenetic position of abelisaurids (and other neoceratosaurs such as
*Ceratosaurus* itself) is not as clear. I know that in the now classical
Holtz cladograms they are grouped with coelophysoids as the sister group of
tetanurans (megalosaurs, spinosaurs, allosaurs, coelurosaurs), but some
(Currie?) suspect that *Ceratosaurus* could be a carnosaur. If so, that
brings a little incertainty about the cladistic distance between abelisaurs
and carcharodontosaurs, doesn't it?

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