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Re: Biggest Predators

In a message dated 3/14/99 3:49:09 AM EST, pharrinj@plu.edu writes:

<< b)the large east Asian tyrannosaurs are a different genus
 from _Tyrannosaurus_ (which I doubt), >>

I finally saw both _Tarbosaurus_ and _Tyrannosaurus_ mounted cast skeletons
within walking distance (>my< walking distance, not the skeletons') of one
another at the Los Angeles County Museum last month. Casts or not, there's >no
way< that _Tarbosaurus_ and _Tyrannosaurus_ are in the same genus, unless you
want to put all the other tyrannosaurine genera (_Daspletosaurus_,
_Albertosaurus_, and _Gorgosaurus_) into that same genus.