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It's interesting that many of the features people have been mentioning are
screen/computer features that could be made available via the internet.

I found the information available to visitors at a palaeo exhibition in the
last couple of years rather sparse.  It should be possible to provide enough
for the really interested without boring the more "sightseeing" types.

I found the brooding Ovi very interesting when it visited round my way, but
missed the "fighting pair" which is obviously too fragile to travel.
However, it could have been represented in hologram form (possibly a cube
with holograms on each face).  This is something that cannot yet be accessed
via the internet, but would probably be cheaper than casts.  [I realise that
this topic has been posted about, though I've not yet read most of this

However, model casts would have been nice to buy from the shops.  I know
they are quite expensive at the moment, but I don't believe they need to be
oders of magnitude more expensive than model aircraft kits.

At the Natural History Museum they have often provided theoretical
backgrounds to various issues - most famously presenting the
Hoyle/Wickramsingh v the rest controversy as two sides of a debate - and
also the cladistic approcah in a similar way (in fact that's how I first
heard about cladistics, and it came as a bit of a jolt to find myself
learning something at any dino museum, though I should have been pleased to
have got the extra value for money.  Funnily enough I also thought at the
time that "controversial" was putting it a bit strongly for what at first
sight seemed a reasonable process).  Of course, representing current
cladistics as a controversy doesn't quite square with going on to mention
only cladistic-inspired theories in the rest of the museum.  I hope to get a
representation of various theories, their consequent implications for our
beliefs, and aspects of the controversies represented in the odd museum here
and there.

Finally, for a big collection, the exhibit I most appreciate is the chair -
or rather bench, where I can picnic, or sit and think, or just sit.
Although I am not the oldest or least fit or least interested person in the
world, I get very weary wandering around museums.