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Re: Superglue +'s and -'s

Jerry D. Harris wrote:
>Butvar and PVA are excellent _consolidants_, but they are not _adhesives_.
>(I've tried it; it simply does _not_ work.)
        Here here! (that means me too. Once. I think everyone has.)

>One can do just fine with superglues without any accelerator, as
>well, if one has a bit more patience.
        I have been told, by a preparator whose oppinion I respect, and who
has worked at the Carnegie, that SUPERglue is to mistrusted at all costs,
whereas CRAZYglue is ok. I can say from personal experience that superglue
is very difficult to use (it didn't seem to want to dry *ever* and was
fairly messy). I just crazyglued a bone chip ten minutes ago. I am fond of
the stuff myself.
        BTW: I have been known to reverse the names of products out of sheer
incompetance. I may have gotten the above wrong. If so, please don't blame
the Carnegie.

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