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Sunday at the Museum and a clarification

The clarification first:  Larry Dunn wrote about a life restoration of
a _T. rex_ at Fernbank MNH, and I wrote that Fernbank doesn't have
a _T. rex_.  What Fernbank does have is a life restoration of an
_Albertasaurus_, and Larry is right that there isn't an attribution as to
whose ideas are incorporated into the full-sized model.   Maybe 
museums should use what accountants do in annual reports:
(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)  Prepared according
to generally accepted paleontological principles.   

The visit to the museum was primarily to see the exhibit "Missing
Links" and the hominid fossils and artifacts on display.  A side benefit
was observing people and technology after the recent "Museology"
posts.  Firstly, the kids in attendance were keenly interested in
what they were seeing--wide-eyed with lots of questions.  The negative 
was that seemingly the only reason the adults were there was to 
accompany the kids.  That has to change, so that at a certain age 
people don't lose that wonder and curiousity.  Should I have been 
embarrrassed that I was at the museum unaccompanied by a child?

The exhibits had videos, push buttons, animatronics, sound effects,
computer interaction--even a talking Darwin head.  The individual
paleo scenes were self contained in large metal bar frames, for relatively
easy assembly and removal.  No touching the life-sized figures and 
even more so for the artifacts, which included one of the "Venus"
sculptures.  These had security tags and warnings on the glass cases.

Parents were giving their kids an introduction to science and natural 
history to the tune of both parking lots being full, so they were there--for 
whatever reason--on a rainy Atlanta afternoon.