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Re: Sunday at the Museum and a clarification

Mary, et al:

    I've often found that parents bring their children to a museum (and here
in Philly, the Academy of Natural Sciences is a block away from the Franklin
Institute Science Museum - and about 6 blocks away from the Philadelphia Art
Museum  - all of these lined up along the Ben Franklin Parkway [well... the
Art Museum is at one end of the parkway]) - on a rainy day.

    My personal theory is that most parents plan on getting their kids out
of the house, and when the football games, baseball games, soccer games, and
other outdoor events are unavailable, they are even MORE desperate to get
them out of the house.  As you might expect, with the line-up of museums
here, they get more parking bang for their buck, as they tend to visit 2 of
the 3 museums mentioned for a long day (sometimes all 3!).

    It's a shame that most parents bring their children to a museum to a)
get them out of the house, and b) to "get some culture into them".  (In and
of themselves - both good reasons to go).  However, since the parents
oft-times are there only as overseers and not as participants in the
museum - it can be frustrating to those of us who enjoy the museums without
children (and to those of us who work/volunteer there as well).  On those
rare occasions where a parent brings their children to see the museum
because they (the parents) want to share their love of the museum and/or the
subjects shown - it is really a pleasure to talk with them.

    (I also think a lot of parents are intimidated by their offspring's
knowledge of dinosaurs versus their own!)


            Allan Edels

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>Parents were giving their kids an introduction to science and natural
>history to the tune of both parking lots being full, so they were
>whatever reason--on a rainy Atlanta afternoon.